Certified Public Accountant, Certified Auditor


  • Degree in business economics, Università Bocconi di Milano (1988);
  • Italian Certified Public Accountant (Dottore Commercialista) section Monza e Brianza registered at N.481A (1989);
  • Registered as Certified Auditor N.44.991 according to Law D.Lgs. 27 January 1992 N.88;
  • Registered in the Registry of Judge Consultant of Monza Court, for the profession Dottore Commercialista (since 1989);
  • Insolvency Administrator for the Monza Court since 1990;
  • Certified mediator at the Arbitration Chamber of Milan in 2008 and Monza Brianza in 2010;
  • Certified expert in management of business crisis (Gestore della Crisi) at Entity for conciliation of excessive indebtedness crisis Arbitration Chamber of Milan (since 2016);
  • Statutory Auditor (sindaco effettivo) in companies and consortiums operating in Italy and worldwide (since 1989)
  • Expert consultant in company evaluation, business branches during extraordinary companies’ operation procedures (since 1991)
  • Board of Directors since 2016 at Certified Public Accountant Association National Treasury for Pensions (Cassa Nazionale di Previdenza e Assistenza Dottori Commercialisti) of Italian Certified Public Accountants, Rome;
  • President of the Supervision Committee (Comitato di Sorveglianza) for bankruptcy procedure (Amministrazione Straordinaria) according to circular of Ministry of Economic Development 04/08/2011;
  • Member of Supervision Committees (Organismi di Vigilanza), Law D.Lgs. 231/2001 (since 2010);
  • Commission member of the State Exam at University Bicocca di Milano, decree of Ministry of Education and Research 26/05/2011;
  • Certified Auditor (Revisore dei Conti) in Lombardia Region (since 1996);
  • Speaker at seminars on commercial, company and fiscal law in the People Republic of China;
  • President of the Young Certified Public Accountant Association of Monza , period 1997-1999;
  • Regional Coordinator for Lombardia Region in period 2001-2002 and member of the National Committee of Young Certified Public Accountant Association period 2002-2005;
  • Member of the National Assembly of Treasury for Pensions of Italian Certified Public Accountants, representative of Monza district period 2008-2016;
  • President of the Commission Pensions and Assistance of Italian Certified Public Accountant Association, Monza Brianza district.