Certified Public Accountant, Certified Auditor


  • Degree in Business Administration with honours, Bocconi University, 1988.
  • Professional qualification, Bocconi University, 1989.
  • Member of the Order of Chartered Accountants of Monza and Brianza, no. 481A, since 1989.
  • Legal auditor, registration no. 44,991, 1995.
  • CTU at the Court of Monza, category chartered accountants, since 1989. Bankruptcy Curator since 1990.
  • Mediator at the Chamber of Arbitration of Milan, 2008; Monza and Brianza, 2010.
  • Crisis manager, Milan Chamber of Arbitration, 2016.
  • Expert for the business crisis, Law 2021 n. 147.
  • Ministerial appointments: Extraordinary Commissioner, Judicial Commissioner, Expert Member Supervisory Committee, Ministry of Economic Development, 2022.
  • Expert in company management, Ministry of Justice, no. 3604.
  • Auditor in various types of companies since 1989.
  • Company valuation expert.
  • Board member, Cassa Nazionale di Previdenza e Assistenza, since 2016.
  • Chairman and member of various boards of auditors and supervisory bodies.
  • Founding partner of CPO & Partners Shanghai Ltd, 2007.
  • Awards and honours: ‘The Sources 2021’, China Award 2021.
  • Speaker and supervisor in China. 5 annual missions.
  • Business Partner and Sole24Ore contributor from 2020.
  • Associative responsibilities: President of Unione Giovani Dottori Commercialisti di Monza, 1997-99; Member of the National Council, 2002-2005.
  • Member of the National Welfare Fund Assembly, 2008-2016; Chairman of the Welfare Commission, Order of Chartered Accountants of Monza and Brianza.